Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Best Times

I did nothing today because something great happened. The latest Vogue fell through the door and, as I mentioned in the past, it is the best thing to happen every month. I've been known not to answer the phone and to retire in seclusion with Vogue until I am satisfied that I got well acquainted with the latest musings. Many people often think that Vogue is all pics and all ads and that there is nothing to read. These are the sort of people that usually write off sci-fi without ever having read any sci-fi text. Don't mind them. British Vogue is above all other Vogues out there (yes, Anna Freak Wintour, much better than the one you edit) for variety, intent and depth of its features, even though they are addicted to the fact that. But hey, you can't have everything (or you could have had, if only John Milton had written about fashion).
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