Saturday, September 20, 2008

Autumn Is Not Coming Here

Mum and dad live in a valley in the proximity of Milan and at this time of year, the temperature drops below 15C and the day stays foggy and cold throughout. Yet, only fifty minutes by car, these are to be found:

And this:


And today, also this:

Still, I am equally compelled and repulsed by the indigenous population, whose riding boot-like tan is as deep as the average Arabic complexion. Gosh, and we in England are always made aware of the damage the sun can inflict on us (sun which we rarely see) while these people could be mistaken for 75% cocoa dummies? Bloody hell, it is beyond funny. Still, I’ll tell you what, I miss home in some sick-and-twisted way. I miss the cosiness of incipient autumn while here it still feels and looks like high summer. It is no coincidence that the best times this year were spent in Chicago and New York (between -25C and -13C) and that I am already thinking about my next forays into the high freeze. Meanwhile, this will have to do...
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