Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Assessing September

Another month gone by and by far and large one of the super-bestest Septembers on record. I finished work and I enjoyed a fantastic stretch of contemplative writing tasks. I am sure it can get better still, but I feel like I must throw in a cliché and say that it doesn't get any better than this. There is a lot of excitement down the pipeline and I feel that what I should talk about today is a bit of a turn-around for me.

A few months ago I wrote this about my life: 'It may be a small life to some, but I think it's a good one still. Yet, there is something that bothers me about it, and bothers me all the time, incessantly, and has done so for many years already. I really dislike my job'. I realised recently that the first thought, the small but good life, was not quite the truth. Now that I am unencumbered by what used to make me feel miserable about it, I suddenly feel like I do not have a worry in the world; I feel like I lead the most super-fun, super-enriching, super-fantastic life. This makes me laugh sometimes; people change jobs all the time, how can such a thing produce such drastic results?

It really goes as I said in the original post; we spend so much time at work that, of course, it matters! Now that my life has taken a left turn so quickly, I feel this surge of giving. Of giving back, of giving up, of giving away. I received a link to a fab website yesterday, this one. I signed up because I felt this urge to translate my life's abundance into something tangible, into giving in all of its manifestations. And what can I say, I already received something today and I was surprised and delighted. For the moment, this is all of the assessment that I need to make of this month or indeed of my life: it's good, it's great, it's fab.

Give one thing away each day for 29 days. Share your stories about how it impacts your life to focus on giving.
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