Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pears To Come

Remember this pic? Now it has all changed into this:

Up until last year, my pear tree, which is a conference pear tree for the uninitiated amongst yourselves, was producing about one ton of pears. I am not joking you know? I would rack up pears from the grass for a good six weeks. Once I filled up twelve black bin bags with them. The problem with my conference pears is that they are vile. Like, really vile. As I said in the post I reference above, last year my dad cut most of the tree off and promised that this year, not only would I not have to fight one ton of vile pears, but those few that the tree would grace the garden with would be really nice.

And now I am waiting for them to be a touch more ready. Who knows, I may be able to give you a recipe for Poires Helène sometimes really soon. Here's hoping... They look nice enough for conference, right?

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