Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Guy

My best friend is an Australian guy who happens to be generous, funny and also rather good-looking:

Portrayed above with Victoria when he came to visit us, Grant is the only person I did not immediately connect with and who later surged to the top of my best friends' list. It is a rather peculiar story because we found each other on a Tomb Raider forum years ago and we started off by being slightly unpleasant to each other for no particular reason. I don't know what happened later because it seems like we just clicked, buried the axe and became best friends, so much so that in September 2005 he travelled from Australia to Manchester, of all places, and we spent a fabulous ten days together, mostly eating, drinking (Starbees), talking and walking.

Today I received his birthday present: books which will serve me particularly well considering that one fits within the book that is doing the agent rounds and another falls within my PhD area of expertise:

You see, if only all guys were like Grant. Regardless of whether he uses my Amazon list as a reference, he can always display initiative and knack when it comes to gifts. He has sent chocolate (always dark of course), a wooly hat, numerous copies of Australian Vogue, cooking books, a canvas bag and more over the years. He just needs no guidance whatsoever while Rick on the other hand... always needs guidance. Which explains why I bought myself a dress for my birthday, just to make sure I would have something really fabulous, you know? And that's my advice to you: do not leave a man, any man, in charge of your birthday. Unless there's a man like Grant in your life.
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