Friday, September 26, 2008


It's a bit criminal to be in Milan and having had such a lousy week that I cannot even grace the blog with a picture of this. But Rick brought his nasty cold home and now everybody in the house has caught it. Still, I swear I really was in Milan; what better way to prove it than with one of the many adverts strung up at the airport? After all, the first time I became aware a certain footballer going by the name of Kakà existed was when he was modelling for Armani, who owns half of the ad space at Malpensa. But here is my all-time favourite model, Linda Evangelista, posing for Prada.

I am back home now and feel completely, totally, utterly, disgustingly lousy. I've had a lousy week, I've felt poorly most of the time, we have been next to nowhere (I did mention mum's sunburnt, yes?), and now I have to get my wits back together and get down to some work which I really cannot be asked doing. Thank God it's Friday.
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