Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Banning Editors

Raking blogs, newspapers, mags, websites and more for grammatical atrocities is an exhausting task. I cannot quite believe that there are people who spend months doing this so that they can then publish books with their findings. The books are nice enough in general, but I just cannot imagine the amount of scribbled papers that such research must yield. Every day I find at least ten examples of grammatical atrocities and, guys, I am not even looking for them. Perhaps I should just stop reading anything written past 1990.

Take this email I received from Borders today, Borders of the books, yes. It is about banned books.

'One of the most disturbingly violent books of recent years, American Psycho caused controversy before it was even published, with it's original publishers dropping it and the New York Times urging people not to buy it.'

Oh my God people, a bookstore that sends out a marketing email with it's in place of its. If this isn't worthy of slitting one's wrists I don't know what is. And they do not do it just once, they do it twice:

'Since it's publication The Color Purple has won acclaim and inspired controversy.'

Oh and let's forget about punctuation as well while we are at it... I think they must have banned editors at Borders and you know what the funny (or sad, depending on whether your glass is half-full or half-empty, as usual) thing is? If I were to apply for an editing job at Borders they wouldn't even look at me because of my currently predominant corporate background. They would be right in thinking that corporate people are usually sloppy in grammar and spelling but, jeepers creepers, their own editors and copywriters are no match.

Still, if you can gliss over this disgraceful state of affairs, do read American Psycho. It really is excellent (especially from a Lacanian psychoanalysis perspective) and the movie isn't bad either, especially because Christian Bale is in it, naked. And while the obvious thing to do would be to grace these pages with such hotness, I'm afraid I prefer him clothed, especially when he looks like an Armani model. So there.

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