Sunday, September 7, 2008

On Fire

My creativity is on fire and there is no way to put it with humility. After many years of (occasional) tear-jerking attempts at coming up with an all-encompassing title for my PhD, I cracked it today. I knew I didn't want any of that sanctimonious crap that self-righteous, pompuous academic gits (or restaurant critics) use, something like: 'Allons enfants de la patrie: a diachronic dissection of the Foucauldian hibrity of French religious poetry in identity, discourse and subversive contingency'. No, I never wanted a title that would have scrunched up Derrida's brow into the the proverbial what the fuck, I wanted one that would subtly hint at the defense and celebration of the vampire, while self-referencing post-modernism. Now I've got it.

Slaughter is the best medicine: the pop-culture legacy of the post-modern vampire.
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