Saturday, September 13, 2008

I-Cording It Back To Knitting

With all that has happened as of late, I had all but forgotten my knitting, until this morning, when a quick foray to my local yarn store saw me walking out £ 35 poorer but creatively enriched. That's what I tell myself anyway. So this is what is going on with my latest balls, an i-cord scarf I am knitting for my dad:

It is going super-quick and is super-easy, and that's really no surprise since i-cord stands for idiot cord. I am getting so into it that I have already had visions of multiple, tiny i-cords embellishing my felted projects. Not that there are felted projects but there is the promise of a felted project. A cashmere sweater left me for the Land of the Shrink only a few days ago and I thought it wise to put it aside instead of casting it away in a fit of rage.

On the subject of felting, I can suggest a very interesting book by Nicky Epstein, Knitting Never Felt Better. I know, I know, something's wrong there. It would sound immensely better as Knitting Never Felted Better but, given that the author is trying to be punny after all (no pun intended from me though), we should really cut her some slack. Well, I have decided to cut her some slack. I never thought of felting as a way to embellish one's knitting, I always thought of it as a rescue remedy for washing gone very awry. In this book, the author shows how one should keep felting in mind as a way to produce something totally unique and all by tying some marbles or nuts to the project prior to felting.

I ask you, how cool is that? Why did I not think of it myself? It's not that I am unaware of what makes fibre felt; I may not have felted anything on purpose so far but, surely, I could have figured out that some stretch in some places would yield bobbles or discs and the like? It really is as they say: sometimes we rack our brains trying to be original and oh-so-clever when keeping it simple works the proverbial wonders. Get the book, marvel at the designs and then start scarring your wardrobe (although simple wool, as opposed to cashmere, will do just fine. It'll work out cheaper, that's for sure).
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