Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I-Cords Really Are For Idiots

Mum is sunburnt and Rick has been sick since we arrived which makes for a wonderful scenario of knitting progress, especially when it’s only +9C outside. Yes, I know that only a couple of days ago I posted pics of high summer but I also did say that I am stationed closer to Milan than the Riviera and the result is early morning fog and a string of curses for not having equipped myself with something a touch more substantial than three silk dresses, open wedges and a silk jacket.

I finished dad’s i-cord scarf and I can confirm that it really is a project for idiots, for even I managed to finish it in next to no time and to obtain a reasonable enough result that, with the right camera, could grace a mag.

My knitting friends always lament the finishing off process because, they say, it’s not knitting itself. I, on the other hand, love it. I love darning in ends and stitching the pieces together and with these five i-cords I had plenty of both to do. It took me three hours, but I am pleased with the result, and so is dad, who is going to enjoy this scarf soon enough.

I first had the baste together the green weft cords and then I had to weave in the blue warp cord. Then I stitched every point where warp meets weft with a combination of elastic cord and scrap yarn. I felt that the scrap yarn gave me a more secure stitch but the elastic cord was immensely more flexible. You may want to try using both in different places like I did, in order to ensure both flexibility to the finished scarf and stitches safe enough not to break off in a blink. The pattern is from the fantastic Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr.

Milan fashion week is on and we are currently holed up; I don’t really mind in the grand scheme of things, especially because now I feel a cold coming myself, which is really unsurprising, but I wish things had been slightly different, especially for Rick who was really looking forward to this break. I suppose this is a reason good enough to ensure that his birthday next month is a bit more special...
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