Monday, August 4, 2008

Vogue Truffles

Do you know what these are?

Home-made chocolate truffles of course. I haven't made these in just over four years. As I was leafing through my digital pics today, I realised that I do not even remember how to make them and that I quite possibly may have misplaced (read: lost!) the recipe. There is something really good about these truffles because, unlike many of Delia's recipes for example, they do not call for dates or raisins. Not that there is anything wrong with adding either of those to your truffles, but the above are only made with dark chocolate, double cream and vanilla extract. And maybe something else which I can't remember, but definitely not dates nor raisins.

These are the most delicious truffles I ever made and I am now on a mission to retrieve the recipe and to get melting. If I am not mistaken, the basic recipe came from an old Vogue which, you will agree, is rather mystifying. I do not associate Vogue with food in general and certainly not with chocolate, no more than I associate ethical eating or tofu with MacDonald's or Tesco. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that 'Vogue food' is a bit of an oxymoron, unless we consider wheatgrass juice and the white line as food. When I eat, and it could be anything from a slice of cake to one of pizza, and I am on my own, I love to leaf through recipe books. It sorts of really inspires me to eat. Vogue is not something that I like to look at while I tuck into anything other than a glass of still water. Yet, I can assure you that they did publish chocolate recipes at some point in the past and that I will find them. Just watch this space.
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