Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stacked Up

Some people go a bit cold at the mention of meringues. Perhaps that’s because meringues are so simple to make and require next to zero dexterity that presenting a meringue-based pudding does not acquire a particular leap of faith in the cook. Meringues, so what, you can buy them in packs in the supermarkets. Yes, sure, but if you’ve ever bought those and then went through the trouble of making some yourself, you will know that they just do not compare. I do not go as far as making my own hot cross buns, mainly because Marks’s are so fabulous, but I do take the trouble to make my own meringues because they are the best. And for those who think that you cannot make anything with wow effect if it’s meringue based, I would like to show this:

Tune in soon for the recipe of these stacked meringues... I made this cake only once and who knows where I put the recipe?
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