Friday, August 29, 2008

This Dark Knight Is So Not Serious

As I was perusing cakes at Marks and Spencer early this morning, I came across The Batman who was in store promoting his nightwear range for kids. As I spotted him from a distance I couldn't wait to throw myself at him and have a good feel, except a sign at his feet read that he is 'fragile' and that we should not touch. Fragile, The Batman? The people at Marks do not understand who, or indeed what, they are dealing with.

As I am preparing the last part of a chapter about horror, heroism and the super-human, I read a lovely book that, even though ghastly edited and full of writing clichés, tries to do what philosophy does best; finding deep meaning and sub-text in absolutely everything under, and often above, the sun. This is not a bad thing of course; I am a great advocate of popular culture and the whole of my PhD is dedicated to phenomena, characters and events as varied and interesting as the Manson murders, the Black Dahlia, Spider-man, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Coleridge, Austen, The Vampire Chronicles and indeed the Dark Knight.

It's not all serious work though. When I first wrote about Batman's latest silver screen foray I linked you to its trailer, right here. Now I am going to gift you with another two excellent videos; I've done the legwork (or the mousework) so that you don't have to. The first one is the trailer spoof put together by a group of kids that have gone to great lengths in order to show us that not everything on the internet is pointless and crap (or indeed pointless crap). Watch this and it will restore your faith in the creative capabilities of today's youth.

The next one is my favourite, the Dark Knight Trailer in Lego. It leaves me in stitches every time I watch it, beginning to end. Watch out for the Joker hanging out of the police car, the Batman crushing the SUV and the HGV toppling over in slow motion. Absolutely excellent. It makes me wish for my own set of Batman Lego and I hate Lego.

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