Friday, October 17, 2008

The Witches of Eastwick at The Opera House

My first encounter with The Witches of Eastwick took place on a seminal day, on the 9/11, when I watched in trace for more reasons than the obvious. Tonight was Rich's first time and what better occasion than his birthday to introduce him to Darryl and the witches?

I certainly loved it and I enjoyed it much better than the first, ill-fated time I saw it, but I just did not get all of the enthusiasm for Marti Pellow who played Darryl. It was soon apparent that the audience was infested with Marti groupies and even though he did a really good job overall, I surprised myself thinking overacting overacting overacting on multiple occasions. I never thought I would ever say this but I must admit that Tom Cruise as Lestat made a much better devil than Marti Pellow does in this musical.

The witches were Poppy Tierney, Rebecca Thornhill and Ria Jones who really impressed me, Poppy especially, with her capacity to linger in the shadows as required, without fear of being an on-stage surplus prop. Did you know that The Witches of Eastwick is in fact a novel, before being a movie and a musical? And, get this, author John Updike has written a sequel, The Widows of Eastwick. Coming next week, we will finally find out whatever happened to Lexa, Jane and Sukie, even though I am sure many would be more interested in knowing what happened to Darryl. It is the devil, after all, that always has the best lines.
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