Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stormy Weather

It has been pouring with rain, so much so that I’ve got about two inches of water clogging up my garden, see this:

Here is where I used to grow those incredible purple anemones only a few weeks back and now there is nothing but slush and tufts of drowned grass. I do not really mind because now that the temperature has dropped to autumn proper, I have whipped out my favourite clothes, the tweedy jackets, the long riding coat and yes, even the waxed garments that I usually only wear for horsey, and these warm things make me really happy. There is nothing quite like a Barbour jacket to fend off rain and wind and while I must concede that they may not look like standard city wear, I can assure you that they are extremely well-suited to Manchester and its surrounding area.

I hobbled in the garden late this afternoon since I seem to have been struck down with sciatica. I feel awful even by typing that word. It makes me feel old, ancient, uncool as if I just confessed to having Alzheimer. In truth, I’ve had severe back issues for years. I am plagued with three prolapsed discs that have been indescribably painful and as of late my nerves have felt pinched and sore, so much so that I have been unable to walk straight without a great effort.

Well, at least I don’t have to go to an office and can safely hop around the house in the morning without raising eyebrows, if not my dogs’ and they really do not mind if I am not unwell, provided I am not so unwell as to have to forfeit filling their breakfast bowls.

Sore and narky, tonight I returned to some well-deserved knitting in the shape of a lime twist scarf. I recently found myself in Topshop (a bit shocking I must confess... now that I am thirty, browsing the racks full of flimsy whispers of blouses and ruffled mini-miniskirts makes me feel totally mutton trying to dress as lamb) where a particularly thick scarf hung right down to the floor from a ceiling hook.

Knitted in a very thick acrylic yarn and rather scratchy, the definition of the stitches inspired me to pull out my size 15 needles, the Cascade Magnum I bought in New York sure that it would, eventually, come in handy and I got down to work. I cast on 15 stitches and I am currently working following no particular pattern, simply alternating knit rows to purl rows as the fancy takes me. As is always the case with thick yarns and huge needles, the project is growing extremely quickly and since I’ve read in the news that more dreadfully stormy weather is expected in the next few days, this should keep me suitably warm (and rather fashionable). Oh and tomorrow I should set to write a piece about lace knitting for Italian broadsheet Il Corriere Della Sera. How cool am I, despite the tweed and the Barbour, really?!

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