Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Wishes

I said last month that we would do something special today and then it turned out that Rich decided against it. He is such a homebody, and me with him, that to stay at home or nearby seemed totally appealing. And so I iced his cake (one of), stabbed it with copious amounts of candles and sparklers and wondered all day what his birthday wish was.

When I was a child, I always wished for one thing, a dog. When the dog finally was granted as a graduation present, I started wishing for something else, something that I still wish for. Now I wonder whether wishes are granted in year-loops and whether I will have to wait 21 years for this one to be granted, like my first one was. But then, life may not be fair and yet, it can be extremely surprising, as I have found out this year. If only I had a crystal ball... Happy birthday Rich!
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