Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cabbage and Squashes

Today I received something extremely lovely in exchange for a hot chocolate and a slice of chocolate cake. These:

And I can barely begin to tell you how much I love food items for around the house décor. Perhaps I have really turned middle-aged before my time. Next thing I know I will be spending my weekends not at Tatton Park for a fast walk but in garden centres, sussing little bags of seeds and wondering whether I will be able to win next year's Biggest Marrow competition. It is particularly easy at this time of year to be enamoured with something other than flowers, for squashes are particularly interesting in their numerous colour and shape variations. I suggest you visit Martha Stewart's Halloween pages for some excessively fun ideas; she is the Queen of Halloween as far as I am concerned. I put some of mine in the entrance hall and I must admit that I cannot wait to post all of my Halloween-related pics next week. Watch this spooky space.
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