Friday, January 30, 2009


I’ve read, and continue reading, many books about writing and about the creative process in general. I’ve spoken of some on here, namely The Creative License and The Creative Habit, but there are others that I found inspirational, such as Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, Renegade Writer, Wabi Sabi For Writers, Art/Fear, Fearless Creating and indeed the very famous The Artist’s Way.

What many of these have in common is a reference to getting gears into motion, to unblocking oneself when intimidated by the blank computer screen or blank canvas or blank anything. What works for me is meeting with a friend of mine who is also a writer and who just gets it, even before I’ve finished talking. I suppose it’s inevitable and that’s why like attracts like; I don’t think I would have very much to discuss with someone who doesn’t read or watch movies or with someone who lacks a basic appreciation of the arts.

And so when we go out, our jaunts are always source of inspiration, even if in a roundabout way, even if we may be talking about spending money or not spending it, about class or about plans. It’s also great to have someone who shares not just the pain, but the joy of a semi-victory as well; someone who understands the difficulties related to certain projects and the jubilation associated with a positive response. Quite simply, individuals depend on one another for self-validation throughout life: get yourself a friend in your own field if you can, and you’ll never be short of inspiration.
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