Saturday, January 31, 2009


I’ve felt like something was coming for a while. For once I don’t mean a cold or some disaster but something good. As of late I’ve started thinking that people who do PhDs catch bipolar disorder; they are happy and fulfilled one day and six feet under the next. Riding high on productivity today and slitting their wrists with ineptitude tomorrow.

I’ve been like this for a while. It didn’t feel this way when I was employed full-time on top of studying part-time (what was I thinking? Nothing obviously!), but now that research is all I do, I find myself swinging from a to z within the same day and, believe you me, while being at a feels awesome, being at z isn’t as good.

But today I received an email that may potentially have changed all of this, as I don’t just have plans or ideas chugging away in the background; I’ve got an email that accepts my pitch for a review of Watchmen and can I please send it in before the end of March? And now the bigger news is that I am not writing a review of Watchmen for Empire magazine, but for a leading academic journal in my field. There isn’t something afoot any longer! I have stopped shouting down the can waiting for a sound! Someone is listening... I am going somewhere.
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