Thursday, June 19, 2008

These Booties Are Made for Standing

As of late Merv has been as lame, lame, lame and lame as my emails. The poor thing was limping tonight when I went to fit him with a new pair of booties. The plan was for him to wear a pair of special platform shoes (honestly, I couldn't wait to see that, as a cut-down version of Saturday Night Fever flashed before my very eyes), but there aren't any that fit him. He is going for a scan on Wednesday and hopefully this will not higlight any further damage to his tendon. Overall he is doing just fine and seems happy enough to limp around the field as he stuffs his vast face with tender grass. Not that there is that much at the moment (well, of course, he has already eaten it).

As for me, I haven't ridden in weeks and although I always enjoy to see him and groom him and give him a bath and spend some quality time together, it is a bit of a shame that he had to break down as the weather was turning for the better. I really hope he will get better soon for his sake, not mine. I know that I'll wait for him for ever if need be. Perish the thought that I would ever begin a significant relationship with some other horse. It would feel as right as sleeping with a guy other than the usual one. Steph *heart* Merv.

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