Monday, June 23, 2008

Hang-Under Cure

Ah the long gone university years when day was night and night was day... I am not cut for nights any longer, if I ever was, and seeing that today I didn't string in my usual 9 to 10 hours, I can tell you I am moving in slow-motion, silence still ringing in my ears as it only does after an ear-splitting rock concert. I am one that does not really drink in any considerable way; you ain't gonna catch me down the local on Friday nights downing pint after pint of what I call, perhaps little prosaically, watered-down piss. However, I do have a thing for spirits and find that there is nothing like a few shots to perk someone up. This Very Fruity and Very Berry Pimm's is all around awesomeness when I feel right under... Proceed with caution, it's addictive, and the fruit thrown in leaves you under the misguided assumption that this is actually good for you.

50ml Pimm's
25ml Grand Marnier
100ml lemonade
half a nectarine
three strawberries
three cherries
ice cubes

Fill your glass (or small vase, as I do) with ice cubes, then throw in the fruit, the Pimm's, the Grand Marnier, top with the lemonade and wake up it's a beautiful morning...!
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