Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strawoli Cottage For One

I spoke of lethal combos before, mainly of chocolate and peanut butter. I could have talked about coffee and chocolate or strawberries and red wine or reading and writing or Rimmer and Lister. They all are fabulous pairs. What doesn't occur to many however is that the combination of strawberries and black olives on a bed of cottage cheese also provides a fast-track to tastebuds heaven, provided you are not one of those people that detests olives. And on this subject I should recommend that you go and seek the nicest black olives you can find and that they must not be preserved in oil for this quick snack. The strawberries should have been left to marinate in red wine (ideally Barbera, you do not want something delicate for this) overnight, even though mine today were plain since I am out of wine and this doesn't work as well with Bailey's (yah, I tried it).

125g strawberries marinated overnight in red wine
50g black olives
40g cottage cheese
fresh mint

Spoon out the cottage cheese in a bowl and add the chopped strawberries. Cover with generous olive slices and decorate with leaves of fresh mint if available.

And this seems like a not-too-sad way to get back on track after the weekend's culinary shenanigans.
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