Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well Alert

It's been a weekend of crisp, cold weather and of coffee and work. Lots of work, in fact. I dare say I spend all of my days, weekends included, working. Pages, upon pages for my site; workshop and course plans; advertising and networking; you name it, I do it. I don't even make the time to write to my friends, let alone see them, as my own survival is currently more important that the much loved sit-in with a cuppa.

It won't last forever though. My plan right here indicates that, a few weeks down the line, I should be able to have a few days off and to go back to Tatton Park, as I always love to do, in company of a couple of dogs. My financial projections for this month indicate that I should be able to survive to its end, after which another handout from dad and maybe another piece of paid work would come in handy. At the same time though, I am all thrilled and hopeful and the Oscars take place tonight and all is quite well in Steph's world.
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