Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost Seven

It’s almost 7 pm, except it isn’t because it’s really almost 6 pm. I feel like I’ve been up for two days straight, as William was up ultra-early this morning and now that this pointless exercise otherwise referred to as British Summer Time has started, we will have to fight the light for even longer than usual. Over the past three weeks or so I’ve woken up at 5.45 am, as I just cannot abide it filtering through and getting worse as days go by. At least it ain’t Norway where I once found myself in late May and where the sun almost never set, but it was so blue and clear today that... well... waking up wasn't that great.

Tortured as I was at 8 am (no, at 7 am), I got up and decorated the cupcakes I prepared yesterday. These are, again, the Banoffee Cupcakes from Eat Me, which I told you about here, but this time I covered them in Mr Whippy-like icing, a mixture of Golden Syrup, egg whites, cream of tartar, salt and sugar whipped for ten minutes in a double-boiler. I adore this icing because it holds its shape beautifully and because it looks swirled in a rather complex manner when, really, you just whack it on with a spoon and twirl upwards and away. Pink sanding sugar from Williams-Sonoma, if you care to know.

Then I wrote for an hour, took notes, looked at my pictures, strung buttons on a wire thread and generally lounged about, even forgetting that it was Palm Sunday and that I would have got a little branch of olive if I had made it to the church. Well, never mind, the big celebration is next Sunday anyway. But then I must confess that, although Easter is by far the most important celebration of the Christian calendar, I am never that excited by it. Yes, I hang my head in great shame! I am not excited by Easter!

Deep down I know what it is: it’s all to do with the pastel colours of spring and with the whole springy-ness related to new beginnings. Well, I don’t believe in new beginnings in spring, I believe in new beginnings in autumn or even in January. But I’ve checked the weather forecast and if I am lucky it may get really cold again this week. And then it will be a bit like Christmas rolled into Easter, yippe! I can live in hope.

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