Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Valentine

I don’t remember whether I mentioned this or not, but months ago I organised a Valentine’s exchange with my friends from the Unravelling private Flickr boards. I suggested we all jumped in with scissors, glue and whatever else and sent an especially decorated Valentine’s box (see the Secret Santa). As I am the one organising these exchanges, the surprise factor (or perhaps I should say the secret factor) doesn’t apply, but this doesn’t make it any less exciting to receive the prized possession, especially if one has been waiting for three weeks.

My box came from a friend in Slovakia and was full of adorable goodies, including a hand-made lavender heart (the sort of things that I also love to make myself, as you’ve seen in the past), beautiful prints (she is a pro photog), chocos and vintage pics of Paris that come from one of Prague’s antique shops. I love to think of items winding their way around the world throughout the decades, which is the reason why I particularly cherished the copy of Biographia Literaria which I bought in New York years back. It was an Everyman edition and came from England, Bristol if I remember correctly, as it was scribbled on the bookmark. I speak in the past because, as you may remember, Victoria shredded it last year. I guess that, despite being a book of the world, that copy eventually went on a journey too many which can only mean one thing: I need to get back to New York and find another book to return to its homeland.
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