Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Week

I've had the most ridiculously emotional week, feeling up, down, down down, up, down, up, down, down for no discernible reason. I realise that these things happen to the best of us but I also think that sometimes I would prefer physical ailments to emotional ones. After all, when you've got the flu you just sleep and wait for it to pass. When you feel emotional, you're lucky if you can sleep.

However, I finished the week on a high note, a culinary one, see below.

Still, the recipe I would like to give you, and maybe I will do so tomorrow, is one for a most delicious green beany curry, something that I've tweaked and cooked twice this week and that I thought was very delicious on both occasions.

Other than this, work on my pro website is going really well and I am so excited I cannot even get to sleep at night. My feelings of uneasiness this week have prevented me from writing on here and even in my red journal. It is still so beautiful and smells so good that I really did not want to mar it with what will become sour memories, years down the line. I hope things will feel better from tomorrow and there will be more reasons to keep track of all of the great things I am doing in the face of a certain degree of adversity.
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