Monday, February 22, 2010

More White Stuff

I kept myself to myself last week, not simply because I needed some writing re-grouping, so to speak, but also because I rather love to make plans (no matter how far-fetched) and lists (no matter how pointless). Writing is an isolating job for sure, but I must confess that I would find it harder to deal with people on a daily basis than I do to deal with my own personal demons, annoying and boring as they are even to myself.

Early on Sunday morning it snowed and so I woke up to another white garden.

Sadly, it isn't as cold as it was at the beginning of January and today, although a little of the white stuff has survived, there's hardly anything left anywhere, as the sun is shining brightly and as we are on the cusp of winter-heading-to-spring. Birds are chirping and although there is no sign of vegetative life, at least not on the trees in my immediate proximity, there is in the house, where the bulbs I planted last week have already shot up and bent over themselves. I may need to rescue them later.

We are almost a week into Lent already and I've yet to make my mind up as to what to do on the way to bettering myself. I tentatively tried the 'stop swearing' thing, and quickly realised it was an unachievable task. I suppose that something even harder would be 'stop beating yourself up'. I am currently running the Unravelling exercise over at our private boards on Flickr and I made it an assignment on self-love. And, guess what, almost nobody is doing it. Interesting to see how we are all masters of flagellation instead.

On related reflections I should add that the whole poetry thing was really hard. There was much I wanted to keep track of during Valentine's week and I forgot it all on the basis of sharing poems instead. I'm gonna have to make sure I don't do that again for sure...!
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