Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Cooking

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even those who have never read anything by Jane Austen know of this sentence ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged’. It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers, would-be writers, bloggers, journalists and just about everyone who has ever written anything will find a moment in life when a universally acknowledged truth will come to mind and will be paired up in the most improbable manner with just about anything, from lying politicians to overflowing wheelie bins. The universally acknowledged truth that came to mind today is that a Bank Holiday must be in want of lousy weather. So lousy that I did not even venture out of the house, but spent the day drifting from book to hook and, as is often the case, from bedroom to kitchen. The kitchen yielded a minty asparagus frittata.

500g medium stemmed asparagus
6 whole eggs
a splash of milk
10 leaves of mint, chopped up
a drop of olive oil
200g of feta, in cubes
one clove of garlic, skin on
a pinch of salt
soy sauce

Drop some olive oil in the frying pan and sizzle the mint and the clove of garlic. Add the cut asparagus and continue to sizzle. Add the soy sauce and cover on low heat so that the asparagus can become tender but not cooked throughout. Meanwhile, crack the eggs in a jug, beat quickly, add a splash of milk, a good grounding of black pepper and a pinch of salt. Throw the feta in the frying pan, remove the garlic, quickly stir and level (and I do this with a good whacking on the side) and finally pour the eggs over. Put back on a medium heat until firm. If, like me, you cannot flip a frittata without having to wash the floor afterwards, place it under the grill until it’s cooked through. If you can flip successfully, go for it! This is particularly good when left in the fridge overnight and eaten between two slices of bread the day after. Not that it happens often at my place...

I didn't just eat today, I also started practising the pattern for the crochet blanket I spoke of yesterday. Because it is a truth universally acknowledged that a happy hooker in possession of a good stash must be in want of a work in progress.
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