Monday, May 26, 2008

The Short Of It

Oh holy Jesus. It's Tuesday tomorrow and I suppose that is the only good thing about it. It will feel like Monday but it will already be Tuesday. I have been off work for the past few days and it has been great. In fact, great is a great understatement. I have been intellectually and physically active and I feel fabulous for it. The thought of getting into the car tomorrow morning to mindlessly drive somewhere I have little reason to be is, quite frankly, mind-numbing. To think that I will have to sit at my desk, struggling to concentrate on the ins-and-outs of a piece of code that is so bugged it needs disinfestation makes me physically sick. I had such a fantastic time as of late; reading, writing, taking pictures, making plans, expanding my intellectual horizons. Tomorrow I will have to sit down for nine hours of mental martyrdom when I could be home doing something of value instead. Such as beginning a diet. I thought I did today, and sprinkled a long walk on it as well, but then I think I may have spoilt it all with tea and biscuits. There's always tomorrow... If all else fails, and it will, my currently un-zippable Escada pants should give me something interesting to focus on.

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