Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vive Le Weekend!

You know when you spend the week hoping that the good enough weather will hold for the weekend and invariably dark clouds set in on Friday evening, delivering a lash-out that only eases off at around 6 am on Monday morning? Usually that's what happens around these parts, which is the reason why I was both surprised and really, deliriously happy to spend one full weekend outside, without feeling too hot for comfort or too stoically wet despite the wax jacket.

Today we headed to Lyme Park which is absolutely fabulous and set to become another one of my top ten favourite places. You will have heard of Lyme Park if you have seen the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, as the palace posed for Pemberley. Remember Colin Firth emerging from the waters like a broody Poseidon with sideburns? It was shot right here.

Mind you, it is all hearsay for me, as I never saw that adaptation. I have, however, in good English-graduate fashion, read the book and I highly recommend it to anyone that can handle something more than a shopping list or Helen Fielding's latest. I had a fantastic time, as did my dogs (happy faces below), and then returned home for a spot of garden de-weeding. I cannot say to have gotten that far on this one but some is better than none. Glass half-full today.

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