Friday, August 28, 2009

And I Return!

And the prodigal son returns too. The reason for my lack of entries is down to a lack of Mac. I took him to the Mac doctor last weekend and it only returned home today, with a spanking new casing, trackpad, optical drive, keyboard and power adapter. The little guy is as good as new and I've got some extra memory to install tonight and I've waved goodbye to my Dark Knight desktop in favour of suitably sickly sweet pink cupcakes. Very, very me those.

So I am resuming the past week starting last Friday, when I returned home with some unapologetically brash dahlias, as dahlias always are. I love seeing them everywhere at this time of year. And now Friday seems to have become Dahlia Day, as today too I bought another two bunches for a ridiculously small price. Gosh they are so damn fine and plump that I feel like cutting the stems off and using them as tennis balls around the house. Not that I do play tennis around the house, although I did use to play volleyball as a child but just with a limp helium balloon you know...

I spent last weekend walking as per usual, this time at my favourite jaunt, Tatton Park, otherwise abbreviated to TP (or maybe I should say Tee Pee). The weather was suitably August-like on Saturday and the guys ended the day panting but happy, with great felted tongues hanging down and out all over the car seats. See the white speck below? That's one of the them, although which one I really cannot tell. But it's off-lead, isn't it? The speck must be William.

Then on Monday something shocking happened. As I waved a couple of pedestrians through at a crossing, one of the two old ladies came towards me and asked me to roll my window down. I can tell you that, at this stage, I feared for my life; I mean, you never know with people, do you? What if she had taken exception to me waving her through because a little old and frail-looking and thought about giving me a piece of her mind? And don't you find that those people who like to give a piece of their mind away are those who can least afford to spare a piece?

Anyway, I needn't have feared. She touched my arm and said, very slowly, for cinematic effect: 'Thank-you-for-your-courtesy'. Bloody hell, I was so stomped, so, so, so stomped by her own courtesy that I just grinned and managed a very pointless: 'Errr, yeah, that's ok, I am glad'. Glad about what, I wondered for the rest of the day? Maybe I meant that I was glad she was glad I let her pass? Was I glad that she looked glad maybe? Or was I just glad in general, like some look narky or tired? Who knows people. The truth is, I was so shocked by her kind gesture, coming over to me like that, that I didn't even know how to react. It put a smile on my face and it stayed there all day. In fact, it has returned right now that I am thinking about it. So lady, if you're reading this, thanks for thanking me.

The week continued with a full-immersion into my projects, little things that I am figuring out and piecing together. In particular, I finished my first full-on sewing project, a double-sided tablecloth for the kitchen. Boy, am I chuffed to high heaven over this one. I've got enough fabric left for a couple of kitchen towels too, which are now next on the to-sew list.

My birthday is coming up fast and I expect I will have a fabulous time, like I always do, no matter what's going on in other areas of my life. This year it tags to the long weekend and I am so, so, so looking forward to the next four days I cannot even put it into words (so much for being a writer of sorts, eh?). Over and out for now, I feel a snooze coming on.

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