Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Words

Today I flipped my diary open to next week. Sunday 12 reads: ‘MJ concert at the O2! 6.30 pm!’. Well, I may as well put a line through that as Michael has thrown the ultimate spanner in the works there.

But there is something that I should add about it because I really think it worth mentioning. At some point this week I came across a news snippet that showed Martin Bashir, the journalist who filmed the Living with Michael Jackson documentary, looking sorry for himself and proclaiming that he never thought anything criminal had happened at Neverland and that Michael's lifestyle was just a bit unorthodox. See for yourself here.

And so let me get this straight Mr Bashir: first, in 2003, you said that it was your duty to uncover ‘what was really going on at Neverland’, and so powerful was your documentary that it led to the criminal case against Jacko. Fine, no problem with that, good investigative journalism, right? Now that the guy has crossed over to where the venom constantly vomited by thousands cannot reach him anymore, now you tell us that he was misunderstood and that you never thought anything wrong ever took place? Which is which? Was Jacko a pedophile or was he a gentle, misunderstood soul? Which reality are you going to choose? Which was, in fact, real?

Prostitutes display a greater level of professional integrity than Bashir. I am disgusted.
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