Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Veggie Protein

A protein-based meal is not easy to pull off if you are a vegetarian. For clarity’s (and my sanity’s) sake, I will specify that a vegetarian does not eat fish of any sort. In fact, there is no such thing as a fish-eating vegetarian because a fish-eating vegetarian is not a vegetarian but a pescetarian. A fish-eating vegetarian is an oxymoron, much like 'loving hate'. As a vegetarian that has been offered salmon as the 'vegetarian option' in restaurants as if salmon were planted in winter to sprout in the fields in the summer, I can tell you that this fish-eating vegetarian thing is a real nuisance.

Proteins are a little hard to harness if you don't do fish and meat but doing the Hypoxi is spurring me to be more creative than I usually am. Because after treatment I should eat a protenin-based meal, I have ended up rustling something up that is not as sugar-laden as I would like. This is one for grilled tofu, soya scrambled eggs, kidney beans, nuts, asparagus and no fat yogurt (the only sugar you can throw into this mix). The recipe is not really a recipe but an indication of what to use and how to quickly prepare it. We are re-defining 'express' with this one...

Cut the tofu in thin strips, sprinkle with black pepper, spray with soy sauce and place under a very hot grill until all water has evaporated. Turn off and set aside.

Crack three eggs in a jug, add salt and pepper (pepper if you like... I obviously do) and a good splash of soya milk. Whip and set aside, as you dry-fry a handful of nuts of your choice. Mine are pinenuts and peanuts.

Once you start to smell them and they are well bronzed but not black, add a drop of olive oil to the pan and the eggs. Scramble to your heart’s content and serve with the tofu, the kidney beans and a teaspoon of yogurt.
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