Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coming Up Anemones

Not long ago, a very kind reader of mine informed me that what I had been growing was an anemone. A pink and slightly flaked out anemone. It turns out that I have not just been growing one but many, somehow all planted near one another so to form a living bunch. Look at this:

I know that this image looks grossly doctored but I swear to you, it isn't. These little guys really are as fluorescent pinky purple as you see them above. It must have something to do with them having just this morning opened, or perhaps with what was a mix of grey and blue light as the sun had only just broken through. Or perhaps I just was too close. I cannot say that their presence alone is going to spur me to get rid of all of the weeds in my garden in order to create anemone trenches any time soon but... it's a start. And who knows where this may lead, perhaps to the give-away of some rare orchid bulb?
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