Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pasta For Cats

In the days when I was not a vegetarian, I used to eat tuna. Once the transition took place, I realised that much of what I was eating (tuna, yes, but also chicken) passed my lips out of ingrained habit, not because I liked it, or, let alone, loved it. I took to calling tuna ‘cat food’, especially so because of its tinned connotations. Yet, I have a secret recipe for the non-vegetarians out there that involves tuna and that is completely to die for. And even if you hate capers, you must must must try this one.

A jar of good quality tuna in olive oil
25g of capers in brine
160g spaghetti

Serves two

Place a large pan of water to boil, with some sea salt for good measure. Throw in the spaghetti once it is boiling nice and fast.

Mince the capers with a mezzaluna or similar implement until they are turned into a paste. Now put the tuna with all of its oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Add the minced capers and slowly warm up. Stir a couple of times but then leave this alone; you don’t want to destroy the tuna, you want nice big flakes for your pasta.

Drain well the pasta once ready (and please, please, please, do not overcook pasta, there is nothing more disgusting, except, perhaps, porridge), throw it in the pan with the tuna in order to coat well, and serve. No Parmesan on this one; it doesn’t go with fish but I ain’t gonna give you a hard time if you admit to it...
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