Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blooming Mahvellous

Can you guess what this is? Not the jar of lemon curd, the thing on top?

You can't? Well, it is Blooming Tea by QuinTEAssential. Brew for a few minutes and then fish out the beautiful flower that has blossomed in the hot water!

I came across QuinTEAssential teas a few months back, trailing through the Alderley Edge farmers' market. I spotted little jars of tea blends, a smart-looking logo and... I followed, like the proverbial moth to the flame. I am so glad I did, because I hit it off with Bernadine right away. She really knows and loves tea, is very enthusiastic, has great interpersonal skills and her gourmet teas are right high up there with the best of them, such as Mariage Frères, Kusmi, Ladurée and Fortnum and Mason. In fact, the tea I am showing you here is one of the rarest teas around as the leaves are hand-rolled and stitched together as you can see for some on show on Fortnum's page.

Bernadine is about to launch her website and has already sent me the catalogue which showcases her special blends of green, white, black, red, oolong and rooibos and with names as catchy as Three Gods of Fortune, Garden of Eden and Parisian Morning. I've already tried a few and they are all equally incredible, with heady, mouth-watering scents which, unlike many other teas, do not die out the moment you add hot water. These are fragrant and remain so throughout the brewing process. I hope she does really well as these are teas to rival Kusmi's spectacular Prince Vladimir and Mariage Frères' super classic Marco Polo.
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