Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Year

This month has gone by with a swoosh. Perplexing really, as I went through such TRAUMA last week that should have ensured time would pass with the same speed of a clock of doom. But no, it hasn’t. I went through a work (or better, lack of work) - related crisis and within six hours, crash boom bang, there is a job materialised for me. I am booked on three publishing projects right now and getting paid for the first time in one year. I am still in shock, if truth be told, and the three days after my appointment as proofreader/editor of these works, depending on the state they are in, I couldn’t do much at all, as my nerves were shot to pieces and my mind was elsewhere. Not that I know where exactly. Maybe just taking time off.

Today I started the day with a triple-layered slice of chocolate cake, as it was Richie’s birthday. In fact, you can even spot him in the background of his slice, blue pj and ready to pounce on the cake and cup of tea. I didn’t go through the trouble of making the cake myself, as I normally do, because I just wanted to enjoy the choosing. I cannot say that anything off-the-shelf comes any close to what I make myself, not even when that something is from M&S, but this one was nice enough and will stick around for a few days, depending on how Rick wants to wing it. Cheers to Richie and to another year for him! He thinks I should do really well at my work so that he can retire soon and, really, who can blame him for thinking this way? When I received my latest pension statement, with a date thirty-five years into the future, I felt a bit queasy myself.

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