Friday, April 10, 2009

Slobbing It

I find it peculiar that the Weekend Call rings nearly as loud for those who are at home all the time as it does for those who scuttle off to little offices every weekday at 8 am. I have been looking forward to this weekend stretched over four days. When I used to jet-set, the excitement we all felt in the air come the Thursday prior was crackling. And yet, we were only talking two extra days here, not two extra months off. I think that if people liked what they did for a living a little bit more, they wouldn’t feel so incredibly elated to take refuge in four miserable days off.

This time around I was happy it was coming up because I would get to spend more time with Rick, but I didn’t feel quite as relieved as I used to, which can only mean I enjoy the research process even when it doesn’t go that well. The weather was very miserable and we spent the day playing video-games. As it should be.

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