Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bite Me Then Try To Leave Me Potatoes

These are not for anyone watching calories and so I made them but didn’t eat them. Rick, on the other hand, is always on the pin side of thin and often does indulge in creamy and fatty foods. Gah, I wish I were like him. One small word of warning: this is not a cheap gratin to make as it requires a reasonably large slab of Parmesan and we all know that Parmesan doesn’t come cheap. However, it does make all the difference. If you want to use cheddar on this one, you may as well start eating macaroni cheese out of a tin. Harsh, but true. It’s the Parmesan that makes this dish.

You’ll need:

4 very large yellow potatoes (I used Mozart potatoes, red skin, big, fat potatoes)
150ml double cream
150ml skimmed milk
300g of Parmesan in a block

One non-stick baking tray (this needs to be slightly small as you want the potato slices to overlap, not travel from end to end as they cook).

You’ll do it like so:

Warm the oven to 200C. Peel, wash and dry the potatoes. Now cut them in large, slanted slices. No dinky little pieces for this dish; you need a potato with bite, even after it has cooked.

Cut the Parmesan in slanted slices too. Arrange the potatoes and the Parmesan in alternating slices in your baking tray. Mix the cream with the milk, add a pinch of salt and pour over the potatoes. If you have any Parmesan left, crumble on top, crack on some pepper and stick in the oven for an hour.

You do not need to check these at all. They will crackle away for a good hour and will be ready to take out once the cheese on top has browned and blistered.
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