Sunday, April 12, 2009

Opening Up

This morning I run up to my windowsill as I’ve been doing for a number of weeks and, hurrah, the amaryllis has opened. Admittedly, we are only talking two, out of the eight available flowers, but that’s good enough for me, as I have been willing this to open for the past week. I have been standing in front of it and thinking hard oooooooooop-eeeennn, ooooooooop-eeeennnn in yoga-like concentration and it has worked! This is probably the only household in England that has got a velvety-red amaryllis for Easter instead of Christmas but, hey, I am just glad it worked as it is practically the first bulb I ever planted (if you discount the daffs and anemones randomly thrown at the soil outside, hopelessly out of season).
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