Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying One's Hand

I like the expression ‘trying one’s hand’. I don’t just like the sound of it, but its meaning too. Sometimes we like the sound of things but wouldn’t be caught dead or alive doing them. I love the sound of ‘galloping in the wind’ but, as I am the sort of rider whose heart still flips at the mere mention of ‘a good canter’, it looks like the galloping part may be destined for wild day-dreams while shovelling horse poo.

Trying one’s hand is instead very democratic and, technically, I could try my hand at something else every day. Isn’t it very fab? Today it was applique embroidery, something that had been brewing within me for almost one year. Seeing how preoccupied I’ve felt, and the downright hysterical state I got myself into only a couple of days back, embroidery seemed like the perfect antidote to further psychological ado. I had never done it before and there is nothing quite like the blend of inaptness and novelty required by the need to remain focused for long periods of time to kill paranoia and anxiety. Honestly people, I cannot recommend it enough.

And isn’t it rather pretty, especially for someone so inapt at even holding needle and thread? It is going to get framed this week, as I made it for my mum’s birthday which falls on the first day of spring, now very much around the corner. It was the product of one solid day of cutting, pasting and stitching and of course I figured out that a piece of embroidery is not something you can whip out in five minutes and all the better for it, despite the repetitive strain injury and the sore curved neck. My mind sweating with finger-pricking effort at every stitch, I have found an effective antidote to my current woes. Knitting will have to wait on this one.
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