Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Echo and Approval

All individuals depend on one another for self-validation throughout life but I can assure you that creative types feel a greater need than everyone else for echo and approval. Remember the review of Watchmen? It has been accepted, like, formally accepted I mean. I know I perhaps should not have bragged about it as if it were a done deal to begin with, but then, why not? Why are we so inherently scared of hoping to get published, to get recognised, to get paid, to get approved? For once, not being scared has paid off. I must have attracted positivity from the universe as I received the confirmation email a few days ago and, yes, I really am going to have my little name associated, albeit very remotely, with the movie. Whatever it was, it has worked anyway and now I can stop thinking about it and about other things I could have said, should have said, should have thought about before sending it off.
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