Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Badman Returns

Remember last summer when it was reported that Christian Bale had been arrested while promoting The Dark Knight in London, apparently having had a spat with his mother and sister? Nothing came out of that and charges were dropped. It later emerged that mum and sis had turned up at The Dorchester and attacked the guy themselves; mum is apparently an alcoholic and had shown up asking for money while insulting Bale's wife. I didn't think much of it at the time but latest developments cast that incident in a completely different light. This is what happened on the set of Terminator Salvation when the director of photography stepped into Chris's sight-line during filming.

Did you listen to that? Did you pick up on how real the rage is? Good because I'll tell you what guys, it doesn't just cast new light on The Dorchester incident, it casts new light on fucking American Psycho. I speak as someone who is very much f-happy when talking, as all of the people in my circles can testify. Yet, I am also very much like Shazza from Bridget Jones on this one ('Likes to say fuck. A lot') and do so un-maliciously and have certainly never launched into such a tirade to another person. So I am both shocked and disgusted and I hope that Chris will re-listen to himself full blast and maybe think of his little daughter next time he decides to play diva and of the example that he sets for her. Yet, as is often the case in such instances, some quick people have already jumped on the Badman bandwagon by producing a piece of catchy popular music already known as The Christian Bale Meltdown Remix. This one:

Nice one, no? I suggest they play this over the end credits of Terminator Salvation.
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