Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Duvet Day

I don’t think I ever had a duvet day, mostly because it is another word for a skiving day and I do not recall ever having skived work with a duvet and a DVD in mind. If I had a job outside of the house though, today would definitely be a Duvet Day and I am deadly upset about it as well.

I am upset because I haven’t consciously decided to curl up on the sofa, needles in hand, movie in the computer and hot chocolate on tap. Oh no, of course not. I am grounded with an extremely sore back, something that afflicts me from time to time. I wouldn’t be so upset and worried by it if it were business as usual and if all I had to cancel this week were just an appointment to have my hair cut.

Unfortunately, I have a really interesting (and important) meeting to go to tomorrow and I know that I will not be able to enjoy myself, or indeed to project the right image, because of the great pain I am feeling. And I am getting so worked up about it you would not believe it. It was bad yesterday, when I forced myself to meet up with Britt because I value our weeklies so much (and because, no less importantly, she is off the country for four weeks straight), but, boy, was it hard to even stay sat in one place without grimacing every time I moved a little finger. I was praying for the situation to improve today but I still cannot stand or walk straight (or even straight-ish), I cannot sit comfortably and even laying on the bed puts a lot of pressure everywhere. I swear my bottom is spreading out of all normal proportions as well, and it has nothing to do with food; my body is so screwed and so out of place that the skirt I wore yesterday almost didn’t fit me, as I was so hunched and side-bent and just generally out of normal shape.

I suppose that, if I were that hateful Pollyanna idiot I never could stand, I would be grateful it is not as painful as my last acute phase at the end of January, when I was grounded for two weeks before I went to New York and had to stop and sit down every fifteen minutes when I was there. But I am not hateful Pollyanna and I am upset that I cannot even take a warm shower to try and make myself feel a little bit better somehow. I tried the exercise bike, because movement is better than lack of, but when the pain is so great you really cannot move. It’s a bit of a miracle I can manage a bathroom trip unaided; it hasn’t always been this way.
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