Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Tales

I don’t remember a shower-less April, except for this April. With the only exception of Monday 4, a day which I remember clearly because Victoria was in hospital for a biopsy, I needed no heating on, no pashmina at all hours, no thick socks. If truth be told, it’s been a bit of a revelation. Spring around these parts is so ostentatiously wet and bad that anything other than comes as a bit of a shock. I just didn’t know what to wear, and I never not know what to wear.

I pointed my iPhone at everything that moved and didn’t move, taking pics of birds and trees, flowers, shoes, magazine covers, food, lattes and cappuccinos... the usual stuff really, but everything looked better in this light and especially with a backdrop of often very blue sky. From Easter to today, including the day of the rather stellar Royal Wedding (I love a good wedding me), everything was just perfectly full of colour and life. Good job I don’t have a job because that would have really thrown a spanner in the works, wouldn’t it? Imagine being locked away in a window-less office while it’s all crisp and green outside... Much easier to be at work in the depths of winter (provided there’s no snow, because if it’s snowy one must certainly wish to be playing outside in it). 

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