Monday, May 2, 2011

Betrayal At The Park

I always go to great lengths in order to avoid paying a visit to Tatton Park without my dogs. It’s the highest level of doggie betrayal, isn’t it, as Tatton is their favourite place. In actual fact, it’s mine too, whether it is copper and crackl-y, blossoming and breezy or, my favourite, foggy and iced.

Today, though, the weather was yet again spectacular and I did take a very small detour into it from Knutsford, while the guys were at home. I am currently running  a canine geriatrics hospital, with Victoria still perambulating with a satellite dish around her neck following her ear operation and William in high spirits but with very wobbly back legs awaiting his first physio session. I cannot wait to be back with them both. 

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