Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holed Up

Impalpable, minute flurries have been falling all day. The paw prints in the garden are filling up, while my drive is again veiled in white. I do not mind it all, in fact, if only it continued. Watching the seasons unfold is one of life’s great pleasures as far as I am concerned, especially when I feel not quite ok or indeed very much under the weather.

For a split second this morning, as I walked back from the dry cleaning, my purple silk dress flapping in its thin plastic cover, I considered going out for a coffee. You must understand that someone who works at home rarely gets to speak to anyone unless this anyone is purposely looked for. When I go out for a cup of java, I get to exchange a few words with the gal or guy who makes it for me. When I don’t, chances are that the first few words I utter come out in the evening when Rich returns from work.

I was soon cured of that though; my nose has been dripping all day and I feel that creepy, icy sensation taking hold of me even as I lie on the sofa with a hot water bottle, two cashmere blankets, a pashmina and an alpaca cardie for company. All the better it is happening now and not at Crimbo or not next week; I am going to Nottingham for work with a poetess on Monday.
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