Saturday, January 2, 2010

As You May Mean To Go On

I went out with dad and Rich for a coffee and a spin around Waterstone’s today and I enjoyed a moment of quiet contemplation as I observed the pretty bubbles on the surface of my latte laced with caramel. See here?

It reminded me of Danny Gregory of The Creative License. I know, I know, can I actually write one month without mentioning that man? I suppose I can. Or I could if his book hadn’t inspired me so much. And as you can see, it is the gift that keeps on giving (except it wasn’t a gift; I just couldn’t think of another cliché I could have used and I really wanted to use one this time). Today it gifted me some contemplation as I thought that, for all the hundreds of pics I have of my coffee (I snap at it every time I have it, I kid you not), I’ve actually never drawn it myself.

As my keyword for this year is CREATE, I think I should start creating from things that are neither new nor unexpected but which I expect to be the same time after time. Because, guess what, nothing is exactly the same time after time. Get drawing and you’ll see what I mean. And thanks again to The Creative License. Last plug for Danny I promise. Last plug. Last, last, last plug. Until the next one.
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