Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like NYC

For the past few days I’ve lived on a diet of chocolate coins, chocolate fudge, chocolate Santas, chocolate biscuits and skinny Starbucks. You see, the skinny part is necessary, so that I can offset some of the calories. Saving 50 or so on the coffee makes me feel very virtuous indeed, especially on days such as today, which I spent walking around and then plonked at the IMAX for A Christmas Carol (preceded by a cheese pretzel, my only savoury concession in quite some time, and followed by another Starbucks).

But life is great when Rick is around because it always feels like we are on holiday, even when we’re just at home. And did I ever tell you that the newest bit of Manchester, Spinningfields, is looking almost as good as The Rockefeller Center? Yeah well, oooooo-k, minus the skyscrapers and the stupendous shops and Prometheus and Saks and St Pat’s and Atlas and Fifth Avenue and an observation deck on 70 and minus many other things and yet, plus a merry-go-round set upon a backdrop of glass and steel and a peculiarly blue sky. And, for today at least, that’s more than good enough.
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