Saturday, December 19, 2009


I spent this week contemplating and regretting. I know, odd way to commit one’s thoughts to a diary, isn’t it? I spent the day regretting today. I contemplated many things and I regret them all. Well, it didn’t work out exactly like that but sometimes life really does make me feel like crawling away to Tibet, where everything seems serene, nobody has to worry about what to wear because they all go around in orange robes and where there are no earthly issues of mortgages and car oil because all they do is bettering themlseves spiritually, and they do not need a house or a car to do so. If only!

I should have made the choice years back and not now that the world has yet again spiralled out of control and I find myself re-wound back to ten years ago, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, the house is warm and cosy, the tree glows by the widow, my dogs don’t want to go out and I with them. I find myself once again muddled with the past, while life scoots by, shouting: ‘HEY! You comin’?!’. I’ve got a new diary, by which I mean a paper one. It smells clean like air after a snowfall, it sounds crisp like autumn leaves under my shoes, it looks ready, enticing me with the promise of adventure, novelty and possibility. I can’t wait to crack on I am telling you.
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